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  Transmission lines
  PA COST INTERNATIONAL Transmission & Distribution is a leading engineering, procurement and construction contractor in the transmission & distribution sector based Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in highvoltage substations & transmission lines and electrical transmission lines projects on lump sum turnkey bases.
Areas of Expertise:
High voltage transmission lines
High voltage underground cabling
Overhead & underground fiber optic cable including retrofitting works under live line condition
The following important project carried out by the Company
Construction of new transmission lines from Markaz Zallum 132/33KV S/S #1 and zallum village 33/13.8KV S/S with 8 km long including 2 km long for cables termination.
Replacement of existing 33KV double circuit O/H line between Markaz Zallum 132/33KV S/S #1 and zallum village 33/13.8KV S/S conductor and insulators fittings.
Comprehensive project
Preparing Full Base Design for project
Electrical study preliminary project
Analysis of the line route and topography
Tower design (using specific or standard towers)
Optimized setting out through computer simulation
Completion of definitive project
Project administration and permit management
Supplying materials Complete assembly
Civil works
Support structure assembly
Laying of cables
Total maintenance
img Repairs and modifications
Expansions or Capacity inCreasing
Design and Engineering
Testing & Commissioning
Fire Protection
SAS & SCADA Communication
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